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Graduate development overview

Future prospects:

The university department of the department has more than 2,000 graduated friends. In addition to serving in shipbuilding related industries and institutions at home and abroad, they have also stepped into the mechanical engineering, civil engineering, academia, aviation, and information communities. The performance of the land and sea transportation industry and management level are quite competent and outstanding.

There are more than 200 graduate students in the master's program. Each of them has specializations, including vibration and noise prevention and measurement technology, high-performance propeller design, non-destructive testing, structural analysis, computational flow, production management and Optimum design, information management, electromechanical integration, nano-micron process technology and other professional capabilities, in many high-tech industries, science parks, business circles, etc. have won important positions, have to play what they have learned.

Life has dreams, dreams are solid, and the Department of Systems Engineering and Shipbuilding of Ocean University has been adhering to the professional education concept and development characteristics for more than 50 years. It has created a beautiful life for the graduates who have passed through this department, and made them "what to do, like what". If you have a dream in your heart, join our team, we will accompany you to the treasure trove of knowledge, explore and learn the system and engineering expertise, let your heart not only embrace the dream, embrace new knowledge, but also think hard, with us The future of the century of innovation.