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A. Star recommendation

Enrollment quota:16 (including one additional quota: Aboriginal candidates)

  1. Discipline ability test screening and acquisition method
    Subject Standard
    Chinese --
    English Standard
    Mathematics Standard
    Society --
    Naturally Standard
    Total score --
  2. Distribution sequence project
    a. Percentage of school grades in school
    b. Learning mathematics
    c. Learning natural fractions
    d. Learning English scores
    e. Learn the total score of English, mathematics, and nature

B. Individual application

Enrollment quota:26(including 2 additional places: Aboriginal candidates)

  1. Discipline ability test screening and acquisition method
    Subject Verification Screening magnification Method of acquisition
    Chinese - - - Total share of the total score: 50﹪
    English Standard 6 × 1.25
    Mathematics Standard 4 × 1.5
    Naturally Standard 3 × 1.25
  2. Designated project test score adoption
    Designated item Proportion of total scores
    Review data 50﹪
    ※The review information includes:

Project: High school (job) school certificate, other (autobiography, reading plan and other)

Description: 1. Scoring method: high school (job) school certificate 50%, other 50% (including autobiography, reading plans, other kinds of information that can express self-traits such as community participation, competition results); 2. Autobiography Within 1,000 words, the content includes learning orientation and personality traits, high school learning process reflection, problem solving experience, future career planning and life expectation. The reading plan includes the motivation for applying for study and the four-year study plan for the future university.


C. Examination distribution

Enrollment quota:

Designated subject test time: July 1st to July 3rd

Designated subject test Discretion
Chinese  × 1.00

1. Mathematics
2. Physical
3. English

English  × 1.25
Mathematics  × 1.25
Physical  × 1.25
Chemistry  × 1.00


D. University transfer

Prepare documents:

1. Annual transcripts (including rankings);

2. Reading plan (including autobiography)

Please pay attention to the students, the transfer test does not test. Only data review.


For information on transfer to university, please refer to the Admissions Team website!