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Admissions quota:  
Application qualification:
  1. A public or private university or an independent college or an independent university or an independent college accredited by the Ministry of Education may graduate with a master's degree.
  2. Those who apply for the same academic qualifications shall be handled according to the regulations of the Ministry.
exam subjects:
  1. Oral test (50%)
  2. Data review (50%)
  1. The school will review the transcripts, master's thesis (the first draft of the papers that the graduates can pay the signed professors) and related works, the doctoral research plan and the professor or supervisor's recommendation letter.
  2. After the student enters the school, the study process should be handled in accordance with the regulations of the department.
  3. Oral test time:-
  4. Oral test location: Shipbuilding Department 502 meeting room.

Contact phone: 02-24622192 to 6011~6013
(For enrollment, please go to the Admissions Information Network of the school to download. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Team at (02) 24622192 ext 1029)