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Career Possibilities

The teaching tenet of this department is based on shipbuilding engineering, system engineering as the latitude, and cultivating five major system professionals with interface integration capabilities.

The education objective of the department is "engineering technology-based, supplemented by system planning management." The curriculum planning is to train the application of the overall thinking of engineering systems science to relevant engineering fields. In addition to the basic engineering disciplines, students are required to study systems planning and management disciplines. The first and second grades of the university department are based on basic courses, and the third and fourth grades are courses in the specialized engineering system courses. The institute is specialized in field research.

This department encourages senior students to enter the laboratory, apply the research of challenging engineering problems, and solve the traditional engineering technology application of natural science to solve the design and manufacturing problems of engineering products. System engineering must use social sciences, economics, engineering and other disciplines to solve social problems in development, which mainly involves the rules, organization, management, and performance evaluation of engineering development, and effectively play The role of science and technology.

In addition, the School of Engineering offers a wide range of professional courses covering the latest academic fields and key technologies, including faculty courses, including Nai Micro Technology, e-commerce, shipbuilding and engineering. . Students can choose to choose their own interests and swim in the sea of ​​engineering technology.