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Master class related information brief

  1. Studying the advantages of this department
    This department is the oldest department in Taiwan to train ship science and technology talents. Students studying in this master's program can choose four research fields according to their own interests: shipbuilding learning, electromechanical and automatic control. The system learning field, the structural system learning field, the heat flow system learning field, and the professional strength to continue to pursue a doctoral degree or direct employment in the future.
  2. The school is located in the Greater Taipei area.
    In addition to driving by car, there are also direct passenger transportation to downtown Taipei and Keelung
  3. Department characteristics
    The teaching tenet of this department is based on shipbuilding engineering, system engineering as the latitude, and cultivating four system professionals with interface integration capabilities. The education objective of the department is "engineering technology-based, supplemented by system planning management." The curriculum planning is to train the application of the overall thinking of engineering systems science to relevant engineering fields. In addition to studying basic engineering disciplines, students can study systems planning and management disciplines.
  4. Employment workplace
    Employment after graduation: Regardless of the academic and shipbuilding industries and the electronics industry, they have important positions in the public service system, educational institutions and research units, such as: Taiwan International Shipbuilding, Longde Shipbuilding, CITIC Shipbuilding, Taiwan Product Technology Electronics, such as Body Circuit, Compal, Hon Hai, etc., also have outstanding performance.